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SAS Scientific Validation

Each SAS release is accompanied by a set of "test data", which allow any SAS user to personally evaluate the quality of software and calibrations. All SAS releases (and the corresponding PPS products) are scientifically validated on each of such test datasets. The scientific validation aims at ensuring a constant and properly documented high quality of the SAS. The main goals of the science validation are therefore to test:
  • which instrumental modes are fully supported by SAS
  • which scientific products SAS can produce
  • the level of accuracy associated with those products
The outcome of the SAS science validation for each test dataset is summarized in a report, available along with the dataset.

The SAS science validation is an intrinsically open process, mainly driven by the need of the SAS user community. If you have any questions on the results reported in one of the science validation reports, or if you would like to suggest possible additional tests (or the results of tests you have performed), do not hesitate to contact the XMM-Newton helpdesk.

SAS Scientific Validation Reports

SAS v6.5 Scientific Validation
The Scientific Validation Report v2.1(.ps.gz) is available for the SAS v6.5 Scientific Validation
SAS v6.5 Scientific Validation Preliminary Report
The Preliminary Report (.ps.gz) is still available for SAS v6.5 Scientific Validation
SAS v6.0 Scientific Validation
A Full Report (.ps.gz) is available for the SAS v6.0 Scientific Validation
SAS v5.3 Scientific Validation
A Full Report (.ps.gz) is available for the SAS v5.3.x Scientific Validation.
SAS v5.2 Scientific Validation
A Brief Report (.ps.gz) is available for the SAS v5.2 Scientific Validation.
SAS v5.1 Scientific Validation
This webpage is considerably more condensed (in line with the Public Data Page) and also contains the report for the SAS v5.1 Scientific Validation.
Scientific Validation of SAS v5.0
This page remains as it was originally created with useful links to XMM-Newton related information and documentation.

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