RGS spectrum of HR1099
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Good start! odfingest (or cifbuild) complaints that the summary file does not have the CONFIGURATION record ...

This probably means that your data were acquired during revolution 415 (March 15, 2002) or later. In the ODFs of observations performed during or after this revolution, the summary file has undergone a slight change. A new record (CONFIGURATION), composed by four lines, has been introduced:

2 / Number of Configuration Parameters
ODF_VERSION = 001 / ODF AMS internal version                                  
PRIME_INSTR = E3 / Prime Instrument     

ODFs, whose summary files (*_SCX00000SUM.ASC) contain these new lines, shall be reduced with SASv5.3 or later. Attempts of reducing them with earlier versions of SAS yield errors like the following:

 (InvalidSummaryFile), The file '....SUM.ASC' does not appear to be a
 valid summary file - the string `CONFIGURATION' was read where
 `PROPOSAL' was expected.
produced by every task, which makes use of the OAL.

If you wish to stay with an earlier SAS version, ODFs later than revolution 415 can be made again compatible with SAS, by deleting the above lines in the summary file.

Data acquired earlier than revolution 415 can still be analyzed with all the publicly available SAS versions.

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Updated on: November 18, 2006