RGS spectrum of HR1099
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SAS seems not to recognize the ASCII summary file pointed by SAS_ODF. Am I doing something wrong?

No, you have probably encountered a feature of the SAS v5.2.0 GUI interface. The current GUI configuration is not flexible enough to allow SAS_ODF to be defined either as a directory, or as the summary file continued in the ODF directory. For the time being, it can accept only definitions as directories. In practical terms, if you are using SAS through its GUI interface, and your summary file is located in the directory:


You must set SAS_ODF=/myhome/mydata/myODF/. The definition SAS_ODF=/myhome/mydata/myODF/mysummaryfile.SAS would not work (i.e.: the summary file would not be recognized).

For the time being, a possible workaround is to set the environmental variable SAS_ODF through the command line, before launching the SAS GUI interface. Note also that SAS works equally well, regardless whether SAS_ODF is defined as the directory containing the summary file, or the summary file itself.

Based on information provided by the SAS developers XMM-Newton SOC Team. Support by J.Bakker is gratefully acknowledged.

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Updated on: November 18, 2006