RGS spectrum of HR1099
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I get a FITSIO or DAL error when I try to read an event list file. What's happening?

Sometimes a DAL or FITSIO error may occur when an event list file is opened with evselect. This is due to the maximum number of FITS file opening allowed by cfitsio being exceeded. By opening an event list, all the GTI extensions are stored into temporary files, which remain open until the GTI extensions get copied to the output products as part of the data subspace. Although the latest version of dss tries to merge as many GTI files as possible, still sometimes the maximum number may be exceeded.

Unfortunately there is no easy workaround for this problem. The only currently available solution is to locally build the cfitsio library with a large file number limit. However, this problem is likely to occur only in SAS low memory mode.

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Updated on: November 18, 2006