RGS spectrum of HR1099
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Can I use SASv6.1 with any processed event lists?

Unfortunately, sometimes you cannot. Changes in the content and format of the calibration files prevent in some cases event lists, generated with old versions of the SAS from being analyzed with SAS v6.1 Be aware that several old EPIC PPS event lists are present in the XMM-Newton Science Archive. This will be fixed with the reprocessing of all XMM-Newton data, which is expected to be completed early 2005. The SAS version used to generate the PPS products for a given observation is one of the quantities displays in the XSA: refer to the XSA Users' Guided Tour.

Here you are some examples of these inconsistencies and, whenever pertinent, an assessment of their scientific impact:

In all cases above, the safest workaround is to reprocess the ODF with the latest SAS. A list of the public SAS version is available here.

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Updated on: November 18, 2006