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Launch took place on December 10th, 1999 at 14:32 GMT.

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26-Feb-2002: 1st VILSPA SAS Workshop; 8-10 May, 2002
Click here for further details including detailed workshop program & online registration

SN 2002 ap 6-Feb-2002: XMM-Newton's observation of SN 2002 ap
Click here (or the image) for further details.   1-Mar-2002: Improved ODF available.

21-Dec-2001: XMM-Newton's observation of GRB011211
Information and data are now available.   15-Jan-2002: Pipeline Products available.

30-Nov-2001: SAS Workshop 2001; material now available...
The material presented at the SAS Workshop held in ESTEC on November 27-29, 2001 is available here.

Abundance maps for the elements included in the Cassiopeia A Spectral Analysis 27-Nov-2001: Mapping the ingredients of an exploded star.
Click here (or the image) for more details from the ESA website...

The spiral galaxy MCG-6-30-15 22-Oct-2001: XMM-Newton shows black hole monster in a spin.
Click here (or the image) for more details from the ESA website...
Click here for a report by NASA on space.com...
Click here for a report on Yahoo News...
Click here for a report from the New York Times... (registration required)

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